Jul 6, 2009 Ecology, Environment


China’s ambitious plan to increase wind power capacity could attract up to US$150 billion (HK$1.17 trillion) in investment, but the central government will have to get serious about revamping regulations and building much needed infrastructure.

by Allie Comeau on June 21, 2009 1 comment Wind blows harder and faster at higher altitudes than it does on the ground. So it makes sense that more wind power could be harnessed by using high-altitude machines than with terrestrial windmills. 

When planning to install a Solar Power or Wind Power System, predicting the expected Solar and Wind Power output at your location can be very difficult. MyWindPowerSystem.com has come across a brilliant piece of equipment named The Solar and Wind Power Predictor.

 American power giant GE Energy has purchased wind power producer in Norway Scanwind for 15 million euros, leading to speculation that GE graphically depict the return to the shore side of the wind market.